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Alpaca Fun Facts

  1. Alpacas are of 2 breeds. Huacaya, fluffy like a teddy bear, and Suri, long wavy hair. 
  2. Alpacas are smaller than llamas but are very protective in nature.
  3. They are known to spit when annoyed or angry. 
  4. Alpacas are known to go to the bathroom in one place, making it possible to house train.
  5. Female alpacas have an 11-month pregnancy and deliver mostly on their own.
  6. They give birth in the morning to let the young have the day to dry and begin walking before getting cooler at night.
  7. Alpacas are known to be very smart, making them great companions.
  8. Alpaca fleece is kind to allergies, fire-retardent, and water-resistant.
  9. Alpacas hum to be heard but also make a clicking sound when danger is near.
  10. Alpacas come in many different colors.
  11. They are very friendly with children, dogs, horses, sheep, and goats. 

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